A.B.M. Electric Corp. A Division of A.B.M. Groups

About Us

About A.B.M. Electric Corp.The A.B.M. Electric Corp. was formed in 1980 to handle the electrical needs of commercial, industrial and Health Care accounts. The incorporation of A.B.M. Electric Corp. was due to the growing need of industry and to have an alternative to the large service organizations which become expensive and to a degree, unsympathetic to the needs of middle and small sized companies.

With the forming of A.B.M. Electric Corp., a great deal of thought went into structuring the organization to best serve our customers in three areas of electrical needs, and still offer competitive rates while providing first class workmanship and quality material.

A.B.M. Electric Corp. is divided into three distinct areas, each area handling a specific responsibility in satisfying the electrical needs of our customers.

The first group would be our electrical construction unit, and it is responsible for providing new installation and repair of electrical distribution equipment and electric lines. This could range from the supplying and or replacing of a customer's incoming 13200-Volt, 3000 Amp service to replacing a 115-Volt outlet. We specialize in Health Care Facilities, offering installation and repair of Generators, Fire Alarm, Nurse Call, Sound Systems, Intercoms, as well as Data and Phone Cabling.

The second group would be our field service and repair unit. They are responsible for the expertise in trouble shooting, repairing, and start-up of both AC and DC electronic controls, PLC's and programming. Along with the ability to provide emergency service twenty-four (24) hours a day, seven days a week, they are equipped to repair, at our location, printed circuit boards.

Our third group complements our organization by specializing in repair and replacement of electric motors. We provide our customers with a fully equipped Motor Shop, able to handle the repairs of both AC and DC motors from 1/2HP up to and including 1500 HP units. We are also ready to handle the mechanical problems that may be involved with motors. This may be something as small as replacing bearings to a small AC motor to making a shaft for a large DC unit.

A.B.M. Electric Corp. is prepared to handle any and all problems that a customer may experience with their electrical equipment.